Container Homes

4 April, 2017

Container homes have been around for several decades and there have been some stunning homes built out of the humble but sturdy shipping container. The examples and information available on container homes could easily full several books.

One of the most impressive I have seen pictured here was on the TV series Grand Designs UK. This was a master class on container home design and considering the quality of the fit out it came in at a modest 1000 English pounds per m2.

There are companies here in Auckland that are doing shipping container fit outs and they are coming at costs of about $2000/m2 inclusive of the container.
There is a movement advocating the use of old containers however the savings are minimal over a new container and they look rather shabby compared to a new container which embraces an industrial look if left in its raw state on the outside.

The focus of this one page article is the ability locate and relocate a 20 foot x 8 foot HC (6m x 2.4 m) container on to one's section as a rental income stream.
As can be seen from the adjacent picture there is adequate room inside the 20 footer for an ensuite, kitchenette and queen size bed.

There will still be a requirement for building consent and a need to connect the container to local utility services. AirBNB could be an option along with people who are here on working visas doing their OE from Europe.

There is also a big demand for student accommodation not just for university but also secondary school. Obviously secondary school students would require a higher level of adult care. A 20% gross return on your investment would not be an unreasonable expectation depending on the location of the property. That's allowing $50K for the container connected to services and furnished with a very modest rental of $200/week $10,000pa. The other end of the scale could be a gross yield of close to 33% or $15,000pa.


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