Dual Occupancy Investment Property

31 March, 2017

Some Australian local authorities are allowing what they call Dual Occupancy Homes which are in fact two separate dwellings on one section and the same title.

The two dwellings are separated by a commercial grade fire rated sound proof wall and the services to both dwellings are separately metred

The example below is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom dwelling on one side and a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom on the other side. Both have a single internal access lock up garage and outdoor living areas that are well separated.

The outdoor living areas being on opposite sides of the building means the occupants will more than likely have contact with the neighbour on the other side of the fence than the one on the other side of the fire wall.

The current yields for these new builds are coming in around 6% gross or 4% net inclusive of property management fees.

These dual occupancy properties work well for investors, retired people wanting a home and income or even extended families. Often the only thing that gives these properties away as being a duel income dwellings is the two separate garages visible from the street.

Dual Occupancy


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